T5 Adapters

The ban on the T12 bulbs and ballasts has begun. Like it or not the T12 lighting is done. Inventory on the T12 bulbs and ballasts will run out. Many electricians are unaware of the T5 Adapters so they will recommend changing to T8 Lighting. The T8 is also going to experience some changes. Legislation is in the works to change some of the requirements for T8 Lighting which will cause an estimate of 50% of the current T8 Lighting to be eliminated. Regulations are moving the lighting industry toward T5 Lighting and LED. Both products areĀ  far superior to T8 Fluorescent Lighting in energy savings and overall value. There is a standard 5 year manufacture warranty should an Adapter fail. Click here for more information.

T5 High Efficiency Lighting will realistically save you up to 80% of your lighting expense. Replace outdated T12 or T8′s with a low cost 10 minute retrofit for 80% savings. Never change another ballast, up to 60,000 hours life, more natural lighting and relamping becomes a janitorial function. No more electricians or maintenance staff needed to change lights. Count your fixtures and you will see the savings add up quickly. Click on the picture for a product brochure. Click here for a product slide show.

Both T12 and T8 fluorescent lighting are considered outdated technology. As of July 2010, by mandate of the Department of Energy, the T12 ballast and bulbs can no longer be manufactured. This means that the estimated one billion T12 fixtures currently in use will have to be changed over to either, T8, High Efficiency T5 or LED Tube Lighting. Changing from T12 to T8 is an insignificant savings and may not qualify you for the rebates and tax incentives available. Changing to the T8 requires that you change not only the bulbs but also the ballast and continues to tie you to the burden of periodically replacing the inefficient bulbs and ballasts. Changing to T5 technology or LED Tube Lighting will save you about 80% on your lighting costs when considering utilities and bulb maintenance. Changing to T5 or LED Lighting will in almost every case qualify you for the utility rebates and tax incentives. Using the T5 Adapter is one of the least expensive, most efficient and simplest methods for you to change from your outdated lighting. The LED Tube Lighting is also an excellent option. LED has a long life and is environmentally friendly. Our directional lighting highlights merchandise presentation with eye pleasing clean light to enhance your customers shopping experience.

Both products are cost effective solutions and we have the expertise to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs. Click here to shop for T5 Adapters or other lighting products. Click here for State Credit information and here for Federal Credit information.